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If you are not completely satisfied with the volume of your lips and prefer fuller lips, you can be treated with a hyaluronic acid filler. With a very fine needle the filler is injected at the desired location. We always strive for a result that is as natural as possible. After all, a filler in the lips does not necessarily have to be ‘sprayed on’. How the lip contour should look like is often the choice.

Optionally, the lip correction can be combined with a muscle relaxant, which relaxes the muscle that cuts the sharp lines and wrinkles in the edge of the lips. This gives you the ideal lip contour, with an extra nice smile and full lips.

We have developed a special way to treat the lips according to the perfect proportions. Here we use hyaluronic acid that is injected into the lips according to the laws of the golden ratio, the “golden ratio”. If you have very thin lips and want a lip enlargement for beautiful full lips, the doctor will probably tell you that the skin of the lips needs to be slowly stretched and you will therefore need several treatments for optimal results.

As we age, the lips lose volume, the corners of the mouth drop slightly downwards and wrinkles develop on the upper lip. With Stylage lips we offer you the solution. This temporary injectable is characterized by its safety. The mouth is very personal. An experienced and good cosmetic eye is important in finding a good balance to create the lips that suit you. We always work meticulously and ask you to come to check after approximately 2 weeks. If desired, we can give your lips a little more volume. In short, we always rely on the safe and natural side.

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