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 When the treatment starts, the treatment of migraine with Botulinum toxin is much safer and simpler than combating with NSAIDs (painkillers), which is sometimes also combined with proton pump (stomach mucus protector).

Migraine is a hard to treat type of headache that is accompanied by many physical symptoms. The ‘illness’ is often not understood by the environment. “I sometimes have a headache”, indicates that there is a misunderstanding. The development of migraine is not yet understood, there are suspicions, here the blood vessels in the head play a role. Some vessels would become too wide during an attack. However, no regular laws have been found yet, deviations that always and with everyone occur. If that was the case, one could start looking for medicines that influence this.

There are even scholarly professors who owe their entire academic migraine, but they too have not yet come up with the final solution. That is why you ‘muddle’ people, both the patient and the doctor. Always different pills, different lifestyle, food, oxygen, meditation. Sometimes something helps, but not always, or only for a part or for a short time. Every straw is grasped.

In this context also the Botuline toxin treatment against migraine falls. A possible trigger of the migraine is the constant involuntary tightening of muscles, including the muscles of the face. Treatment with Botulinum toxin then offers an option. The idea behind it is that, due to the relaxation of the face, there is also less tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. How this affects the blood vessels is not entirely clear, but has been shown in studies (‘evidence based’ is what this is called in scientific circles) that benefits a part of the patients, The migraine is not about it but the intensity is decreasing, the number of attacks can be reduced and the attacks become experienced as less intense.

Forehead lines and / or frown lines are ideally suited for relaxation with Botulinum toxin. The treatment of the forehead lasts 15-20 minutes and is not painful. You notice the first effects in the evening. After two days the relaxing effect becomes clear, the improvements will continue for a few days afterwards. The effect lasts around four to six months. The treatment of forehead lines or frown lines as prophylactic against migraine counts as 1 region.



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