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Liquid facelifts are the modern alternative to the old surgical facelifts, where skin was cut away and then tightened. With the liquid facelift, the whole face gets a rejuvenation treatment in which different products are used and different injection techniques are applied to the face.

The liquid facelifts are not just about the crow’s feet or the frown lines. With liquid facelifts, the face is treated in its entirety, all-in-one! Because of the wrinkles that are softened and the facial contours that are restored, the face gets a ‘lift’. You can get an impression of the result by moving the cheeks towards the direction of your ears. As the years pass, we lose our youthful round forms and our face loses its volume. As a result of the aging process, the smooth skin we once had disappears and wrinkles and sagging skin appear. Think of an apple that you leave too long; the volume inside the apple disappears, causing the apple to appear shriveled on the surface.

Completing wrinkles alone is no longer sufficient in the long term With a liquid facelift / facelift without cutting, we go beyond just filling the wrinkles. With a liquid facelift it is about restoring volume in the face. Of course we can perfectly treat the frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles with muscle relaxant Botulinum toxin. Wrinkles at the nose and next to the mouth we can fill well with the various fillers such as Stylage, Teosyal, Glytone or Radiesse®. It can therefore be a combination treatment of muscle relaxants and fillers.

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