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Prostrolane inner B

Peptides and hyaluronic acid are used to create a unique composition that stimulates natural fat cell reduction and the excretion of loose lipids from the body, and at the same time promotes the production of collagen. It also restores the skin’s healthy appearance and tightens the skin, creating a “facelift” effect.

PROSTROLANE INNER B preparation for injection lipolysis, which is a next-generation preparation containing 4 biomimetic peptides and hyaluronic acid, is characterised by prolonged-exposure technology and works in the following way:

  • Active ingredients burn fat and improve the condition of the skin, i.e. reduce localised fat deposits and at the same time beautify the skin. The product stimulates fibroblasts, and new collagen is produced.
  • The preparation improves the elasticity of the skin and highlights the contours of the face that have changed due to the ageing process as the skin has become saggy – it has lost its elasticity and healthy appearance. They also reduce medium and deep wrinkles, known as “laugh lines”.
  • The preparation induces a fat-splitting process – the active ingredients reduce nasolabial fat accumulation, define the jawline, reduce the size of double chins and fat on the chin. It is an effective means to reduce localised fat deposits in the upper arm, abdomen, hip, thigh, knee and gluteal area.
  • The injectable preparation breaks down fat, promotes the synthesis of collagen and treats cellulite.

What problem areas can be treated with procedures that reduce fat accumulation?


What are the effects of treatment with the complex of 4 biomimetic peptides?

Nonapeptide-32: stimulates metabolic processes such as glycolysis and gluconeogenesis. It softens skin surface irregularities caused by cellulite
Pentapeptide-43: reduces lipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis. It reduces accumulated fat deposits
Tripeptide-41: stimulates lipolysis and promotes the regeneration in the tissues. It also tightens the skin
Octapeptide-11: activates cell regeneration. Improves skin tone and appearance.

The substances listed above are next-generation preparations for injection lipolysis, reducing the volume of problem areas and promoting collagen synthesis. They also restore a healthy appearance and firmness to the skin. They are superior to older-generation injection lipolysis, which contained phosphatidylcholine and did not have skin firming properties. These older-generation preparations sometimes used to result in various complications, such as fibrosis and even tissue necrosis. Prostrolane, a next-generation preparation for injection lipolysis, does not contain phosphatidylcholine. It contains only natural active ingredients – peptides and hyaluronic acid – which not only solve the problem of fat accumulation, but also rejuvenate and tighten the skin and have no side-effects.

How does Prostrolane Inner B work?

The connection of the peptides contained in the composition of Inner Prostrolane B preparation, with the adipocyte cell receptors set off a chain of reactions activating the enzymatic activity of kinases (AMPK, PKA and ERK). After the activation, these enzymes start affecting substrates, promoting the lipolysis of triglyceride reserves, and safely reducing the size of adipocytes, in this way reducing localised fat deposits in problem areas.

Are these peptide and hyaluronic acid injections safe?

The peptides and hyaluronic acid contained in the preparation enhance lipolysis and stimulate natural collagen synthesis without directly affecting cell apoptosis, and without touching or harming the surrounding cells.
These two ingredients naturally stimulate metabolism in problem areas, increasing glucose oxidation and promoting the movement of fat, converting it into energy.
The injectable preparation promotes skin cell regeneration and improves the tone and appearance of the skin. It also firms and tightens the skin.

How is the treatment carried out? Is it painful?

The injection is carried out as a mesotherapy procedure. After a treatment course, fat deposits will obviously decrease and the skin will become firmer. The results are visible even after the first procedure.
The procedure is not painful, as the skin is coated with anaesthetic cream before treatment. During the procedure, special small and thin needles are used to inject the product in small amounts into the fatty tissue that is causing problems and is problematic fatty tissue intended for reduction.

How many procedures are carried out?

Usually, 3-4 procedures are carried out, and these are performed once every two weeks.
The advantage of this treatment is a greater amount of product, compared to other treatments – 2 ml. in a syringe.

Is there a post-treatment period?

Injections of biomimetic peptides do not cause inflammation, allergy or pain, and as a result there is no post-treatment period – immediately after a course of treatment, you can continue with your daily tasks, attend meetings or go on a vacation as planned.

Injections of PROSTROLANE INNER B Se reduce bags under the eyes


The preparation is characterised by lipolytic lifting properties

What is the methodology used in the treatment with peptides and hyaluronic acid, and what course of treatment is recommended?

The product comes in a syringe, which is filled with a gel-texture preparation containing peptides and hyaluronic acid. This preparation is effective in reducing puffiness and bags under the eyes.

How many procedures is it necessary to carry out?

One procedure is carried out every two weeks. The results are visible even after the first procedure. It is not recommended for a treatment course to involve more than two procedures.

The prices of procedures and the number of injections depend on the level of coverage of the problem area with fat deposits.

Prostrolane Inner injections affect the natural process of lipolysis in the adipose tissue of the patient’s body. They safely and naturally reduce the amount of fat and significantly improve the condition of the skin. The preparation also induces lipolysis and inhibits lipogenesis, in this way protecting the skin against retroactive effects.
This natural process mediated by peptides is completely safe for you to undergo. There are no side-effects, although there will be slight discomfort during the procedure.

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