TCA peeling – Rimpelzorg Klinieken
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The TCA peel is a more intense peeling than that with glycolic acid to soften superficial lines and reduce discoloration of the skin. A TCA peeling of the face gives a strong refreshing effect.

When the skin is irregular in structure (for example acne scars) and looks uneven, a TCA peel can be done. For this intensified peeling the substance trichloroacetic acid is used. This substance destroys the ‘water mantle’ of the proteins of the skin. This causes the proteins to precipitate and the cell to die. By allowing the superficial skin layers to die off in this way, the skin is forced to make a new skin layer. This forms under the ‘dead’ skin layers. When these skin layers are repelled, a new skin with better structure and smoother pigmentation is formed beneath them.

A TCA peeling makes the skin clearer, but does not help against skin sagging. A TCA Peeling of the face gives a strong refreshing effect. However, deep wrinkles do not disappear. This requires a different treatment, such as laser rejuvention, CO2 laser resurfacing or fillers. A TCA Peeling can also be applied to areas where the skin is rather thin, such as the backs of the hands and the neck. The skin becomes smoother and smoother, but a peeling does not help skin sagging. The substance trichloroacetic acid is used for this peeling. This substance deprives the natural cell proteins from their water casing, causing the upper layer of skin to dry and repel. After your skin has recovered, it looks considerably smoother, softer and fresher.

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