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The chin is the lower part of the face in human anatomy. In women, the chin tends to be more pointed and triangular, compared to the more square shape in men.

There is a wide variety of chins to see. Yet there is such a thing as the ‘perfect’ chin. How the perfect chin is seen has to do with the distance and size compared to other parts of the face.

For example, the distance from the tip of your nose to your upper lip should be the same as the distance from your lower lip to the bottom of your chin, according to the ‘golden ratio’.

In any case, your chin is an important part of the V-shape of the face; a characteristic of youthfulness, fertility and attractiveness.

As you grow older, the chin grows slowly forward. With the aid of fillers or muscle relaxants, accents can be placed that can give the whole of the face a refined and balanced appearance.


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