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With muscle relaxants, a subtle eyebrow lift can already be obtained by relaxing the muscle that pulls down the eyebrow. The muscles that pull the eyebrow upthe wards thus gain ground.

A combination with a filler such as Radiesse or hyaluronic acid, ensures an even more beautiful effect. The ideal shape of the eyebrow can be accentuated so that the eyebrow appears more pronounced.

By using a filler, the excess skin of the eyelid will also be lifted slightly. When the skin is strengthened with skin-improving programs, wrinkles will form less easily and reduce more quickly.

Skin-enhancing programs for the area around the eyes, consist of certain creams for home use (often based on vitamin A acid as in the Obagi Nuderm system), dermarollertherapy (suitable for treatment in the clinic and at home), peels, laser treatments and microdermabrasion and ultrasonic .

For an effective treatment of crow’s feet it can sometimes also be necessary to treat the wrinkles yourself with a thin filler. The ideal treatment consists of the right combination of the above treatments. During a consultation at Botuline Wrinkle Clinics, ask which combination of options is best for you.

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