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A beautiful, smooth forehead with a healthy glow, little wrinkles, regular pigmentation and a sloping contour is still something that we strive for.

The forehead is finally a large part of the face. Various emphases can be applied by means of various cosmetic procedures such as injectables or peelings, so that the desired result is easily achieved Forehead wrinkles, which often run horizontally over the forehead, are caused by moving the eyebrows up and down. You raise your eyebrows and as a result, there are horizontal forehead wrinkles. The more often you make this movement, the deeper the wrinkles in the forehead become.

The first choice when treating forehead wrinkles is often a treatment with a muscle relaxant Botulinum toxin. This relaxes the muscles in the forehead, which cause movement, so that the skin and the wrinkles can slowly recover during this rest period. If the wrinkles are already too deep in the forehead, treatment with a filler can offer a solution with a filler to get the forehead nicely smooth again. The skin itself can also cause the wrinkles if it has become very thin. When the skin is strengthened with skin-improving programs, the wrinkles will form less easily and heal faster.

Skin enhancing programs for the forehead often consist of certain creams for home use (often based on vitamin A acid), dermarolar therapy (in the clinic and at home), peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion and ultrasound. During a consultation at Botuline Wrinkle Clinics, ask the doctor which program or which cosmetic procedure is best for you. For effective treatment of deeper forehead wrinkles it is necessary to treat the wrinkles yourself with a filler. The ideal treatment often consists of a combination of the abovementioned possibilities.

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