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If you hear the word hamster cheeks, you probably think of thick or bulging cheeks. But with hamster cheeks, in cosmetic medicine terms are just about soft and drooping cheeks. A beauty problem that often occurs with aging, but also relatively young people can suffer. Why do you actually get hamster cheeks and what can you do about it?

Hamster cheeks are caused by a weak jaw line. The cheeks and skin of the jaw line become weak because the firmness and elasticity of the tissue in the face decreases. This is a natural consequence of the aging process. Loss of weight, loss of bone, loss of support and fat tissue can also be causes of a weak jaw line. The tissue on the cheekbone does not receive sufficient support at all due to all these changes. This causes the skin to sink to the chin and hamster cheeks arise. But people can also get hamster cheeks at a younger age. In one, loss of firmness of the skin occurs rather than in the other. That is largely genetically determined.

The V-shape (left) of the face is a characteristic of youthfulness and attractiveness. This V-shape is partly dependent on a nice jaw line. A well-defined, tight jaw line is a sign of youthfulness; the jawbone loses volume during aging. In addition, a displacement of adipose tissue occurs; fat reduction occurs in the face and fat accumulation in the face, also along the jaw line. This ultimately creates a more rectangular face, or even an inverted V shape.

Others suffer from too large a chew muscle because they keep gnawing teeth or a lot of tension in their jaws. This leads to an angular shape of the face. And to improve the balance in the face, we can do various things in the area of ​​the jaw. There are several ways to improve the jaw line. When it comes to improving the contour of the jaw, fillers can occupy an important place within the possibilities.

With fillers the skin can be strengthened, making it tighter and less likely to drop down. Also with fillers the angle of the jaw can be accentuated and the jaw line can be straightened. In men too, a filler at the jaw at the location of the masticate muscle can give a nice result. This strengthens masculinity and gives the man a sturdier appearance.

When it comes to excessive fat accumulation under or on the jaw line, liposuction can be used to remove fat to obtain a nice jaw line. If you get an over-angular face due to an overactive chewing muscle, Botulinum toxin can calm the chewing muscle to obtain a nicer jaw line.

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