HEARING LOSS – Rimpelzorg Klinieken
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Below is a sample of existing clinical evidence:

“We have restored hearing in 19 years old white female with autoimmune hearing loss with autologous adipose tissue derived stem cells… Systemic infusion of hASCs (human Adipose tissue-derived Stem Cells) (in mouse model) significantly improved hearing function and protected hair cells in established EAHL (Experimental Autoimmune Hearing Loss)… the restoration is due to the paracrine activities of human stem cells, since there are newly regenerated mice spiral ganglion cells, not human mesenchymal stem cells derived tissue given by intraperitoneally.”
– “The paracrine effect of mesenchymal human stem cells restored hearing in β-tubulin induced autoimmune sensorineural hearing loss,” Yoo et al, Hearing Research, 2015
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