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PlexR® belongs to the latest generation of medical equipment and is one of the most innovative, effective and safe medical methods for non-invasive medical / cosmetic treatments. PlexR® treatments are performed by a cosmetic doctor who has been specially trained for this method.

Lifting eyelids, eyebrows and neck are very popular. As well as treating wrinkles and a relaxed skin. With the innovative PlexR® technology, dozens of new medical aesthetic treatments are possible. PlexR® technology has only just made its appearance in the Netherlands and is therefore relatively unknown. PlexR® works on the basis of plasma resulting from ionized gas molecules. Plasma is also called the fourth ‘aggregation state’ in physics. This means that in addition to solid, liquid and gas, it is the fourth form that takes matter.

During a PlexR® treatment, the skin is treated with plasma on a small scale. Without direct contact with the skin, there is a small arc of charged plasma that touches the skin point by point. In response to this contact, the skin fibers contract immediately and create a lifting effect. A treatment with the PlexR® consists of a series of these touches, so that it is possible to work with precision on certain problem areas.

The PlexR® enables the physician to lift targeted and remodel certain facial areas. PlexR® can be used for the treatment of various skin and aging problems. It is a completely safe method and is suitable for every skin type. The results are immediately visible and definitive. A sublimated skin will not be able to “recover” from the treatment, making the results permanent. In addition to the direct effect of lifting and rejuvenation, there is another positive effect that can be observed in the long term.

A treatment with plasma simultaneously indirectly stimulates biostimulation in the deeper skin layers. This stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. This effect, in combination with the restructuring of the connective tissue, will give the treated regions an extra boost in their firmness and volume.

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