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When you have hanging corners of the mouth that hang down in a rest situation, this can give a somewhat dissatisfied face. The cause of this is an overactive muscle that pulls the mouth corners down. With Botulinum toxin these muscles can be relaxed. As a result, the hanging corners of the mouth subtly rise, making the appearance a lot more cheerful. In addition to Botuline, toxin is often chosen for a filler because fillers can reduce the shadow of the puppet lines.

The puppet lines run downwards from the corners of your mouth. It can be a hugely rewarding treatment to reduce this line, because the facial expression will then become much happier. Just like the nose mouth fold (or nose-lip fold) the puppet line is a consequence of normal aging processes. Because the skin of the cheek moves inwards and, as it were, stumbles over the corner of the mouth, a shadow is created.

The best treatment for drooping mouth corners and marionette lines is a combination of Botulinum toxins and fillers, in which a lifting treatment is performed as with the Liquid Facelift. Which filler your doctor uses to soften your puppet lines depends on the depth of the folds. The actual treatment consists of a number of injections with which the gel-shaped filler is applied exactly in the right place under the skin. The result of treatment with a hyaluronic acid filler remains visible for about 6 to 9 months. With the Radiesse® filler this can be up to a year.

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